Our Approach

As a community church, we are gathering around that blessed promise that was fulfilled in our generation when Elijah in the manifestation of the person of William Marrion Branham has come.  We are an inter – denominational church welcoming anyone who speaks English, Spanish, French, Creole or any other languages and who is seeking the baptism of the Holy Spirit (in order to be placed in the mystical Body of the Lord Jesus Christ, the only meeting place for the rapture of the saints  who will escape the great tribulation to be a partaker in the wedding supper of the Lamb in glory).

We don’t have any headquarters, we believe on water baptism in the Name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

God always works with an individual.  He does not save you because you belong to a denomination (or even a local message church). He saves you because you’ve accepted His provided way, the Blood of Jesus Christ that cleansed you from all your sins and then He can deal with you (by placing the Spirit of His Son, the Holy Spirit,  the Life of the Father in you so you could live just like His Son, believe just like His Son, talk just like His Son, walk in love and humility just like His Son and manifest His power just like His Son).  God has chosen Himself a Bride and has sent her a loving Message to get herself ready for the rapture and since God does not change His ways therefore He must send His Message through a messenger prophet according to amos 3:7 “surely the Lord God will do nothing , but He revealeth His secret to His servants the prophets.”


Jean Louis



Brother Claude Maxime



Brother Anonce Nerestant